An Open Letter from a Vaccine Choice Supporter on Twitter

medical freedom

Dear Pro-Vaxxers,

When someone wants to shove tons of chemicals into our children why are WE the ones supposed to cite studies that prove its bad? Shouldn’t unbiased independent studies have been done, with controlled variables? Studies that have the same ingredients, and amounts of ingredients, in each of the vaccines while taking into account the effects of multiple injections done at the same time? What about the consideration of age, race, health conditions, weight, and allergens? What about studies of the immune systems of vaccinated children versus unvaccinated. (And since when do the control groups in a study have more ingredients than just a placebo such as saline?)

All of the different Pharma companies seem to have different ingredients (Proprietary at that) in each vaccine, so how is that controlled at all? Furthermore, all of the amounts listed of each ingredient such as aluminum and Thimerosal are assumed that the batches are mixed and divided into each vial equally, and that nurses and doctors make sure to shake each vial up ensuring that one child is not getting more ingredient than another from the same vial. After all “hot lots” do exist.

-Thanks @VeritasDolor