Flu Shot Only Worked for ‘3 out of every 100 persons’



The flu shot propaganda machine is fully gassed up and has left the station. With fall upon us and children back to school, there is no better time to inundate us with reasons to get get a flu shot. I never get a flu shot, as I wrote in my column yesterday. But this seemingly seasonal shot seems to be getting pushed more than ever this year, and a bit earlier.

When flu shots fail, which is a yearly occurrence, the results are swept under the rug by the mainstream media. Right now I can find 100’s of mainstream news outlets pitching flu shots as the saving grace of our world, but rarely can we find those same publications redacting after the flu shots fail. However, an article in The Times Gazette is reporting that flu shots aren’t working at all in England. Or well, they are barely working, according to data gathered by The Public Health of England.

According to a report by the Public Health England, the flu jab worked in just 34% cases during the last winter. Early during the season, at one stage it was also estimated that the vaccine succeeded in stopping only 3 out of every 100 persons immunised for developing symptoms.

3 out of every 100 persons? The upside of taking a flu shot is virtually nothing when you consider such stats. I commonly never trust stats in terms of “prevention,” I always feel they are at the very least, exaggerated. In this case, exaggeration would bring this data to such a minuscule level that it wouldn’t exist. What’s even more interesting is that they called the results “slightly lower than usual.” So essentially, the efficacy of the shot is typically only a little better than awful?

But the real topper here is that officials are worried that these results might cause a drop in flu vaccine recipients. Really consider that for a moment. Your product doesn’t work, wouldn’t the natural consumer cycle be lower sales? This seems pretty fair to me. You can read more about here http://www.thetimesgazette.com/flu-jab-worked-in-just-one-out-of-three-cases-says-report-from-public-health-england/7445/