HPV vaccines-Will bias trump discovery on safety questions?

Jeffrey A. Hirschfield, MD CPI

HPV_Quick_FactsAs a board-certified pediatrician and scientist involved in data collection through controlled clinical studies proving safety and effectiveness of medications and vaccines, I cannot hold back my concerns about the large scale HPV vaccination programs throughout the world. It is ominously disturbing as disability claims and patient case reports mount from around the world alleging chronic medical illnesses after exposure to HPV vaccination. Never in my career have I have witnessed a vaccine program with so much controversy and ongoing debate.  Although it is common for the media to portray and promote many of the benefits from childhood vaccination and its greater impact on public health, we have to ask why has this promotion and government support been so dramatic in spite of disturbing symptoms and signs in so many individuals? Since 2006, upon FDA clearance of the first HPV vaccine, physician organizations and global healthcare agencies discuss the true…

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