Bill to Reverse HPV vaccine Mandate!

RI against HPV mandate #NOHPVmandateRI

Great News  —

RI Senate has presented a bill S2292 that removes the HPV vaccine mandate. 

Introduced By: Senators Raptakis, Kettle, Lombardi, Morgan, and Jabour
This bill also states that future vaccines need to be transmissible in a school environment to be mandated. Please take the moment to read this bill and contact your Senate member TODAY to support this bill.

This is a great success for you and all RI citizens. However, the bill has to pass to be a victory. Three bills have been introduced this session in response to all the hard work of speaking up and speaking loud. Give yourself a pat on the back, then dig your heels in, the fight just became essential. Together we were able to get legislation written and introduced, now we have to share the information EVERYWHERE and encourage EVERYONE to participate in contacting their representatives and senators to support…

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